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Why spend money on expensive overpriced web design and business development when we’ve got all you need? Why wait weeks for a designer when we can do it in half the time? Stunning and powerful websites with lower fees and user friendly tools.

Powerful website and design services
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All your website development in one place

We transform ideas into powerful websites. Get a custom site built using a variety of software, frameworks, languages and tools to cater to a range of different needs, working with businesses of all sizes in B2B, B2C and eCommerce. Find our pre-built websites available in the Kenjuru Store™️ that offer seamless designs and powerful frameworks with little work needed to get them up and running.

Landing pages and blogs

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Get the right digital system that works for your business

Kenjuru can help you get set up with the right software for content management systems and EDM systems for you. Selecting one that is simple, easy to use and capable of fulfilling all your requirements or getting us to build you a custom system that drive traffic to your business. With businesses focusing on content and digital marketing more than ever before, now is the perfect time to get the right system for you.

Email & SMS systems
Funnel systems

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Turnkey solutions to get your whole business up and running

Kenjuru does all the work for you. Our specially designed business packages offer your new or existing business a future it deserves. Designed to cover the whole development faze, it includes the set up of your business ABN registrations, custom website development, graphic designs and logos, payment gateways set up, social accounts set up, manufacturing and more.

Busines registrations

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Why Kenjuru? We've evolved

Millions of entrepreneurs use shopify as their traditional ecommerce store, although Kenjuru’s skilled developers have evolved to offer a flexible service now allowing development of informational sites, enterprise sites, blogs, landing pages and eCommerce inside Shopify. With Kenjuru, we can now build any site using the Shopify platform and we can even offer you much cheaper subscriptions. Learn why some of the biggest companies are switching to Kenjuru for their web needs.

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