Published Date: 4 Sep 2021
Developed By: Kenjuru
Platform: Shopify
Base Theme: Impulse
Website Type: Enterprise/Informational
Free Service: 1 hour free Kenjuru web design
Support: 90 day post service support
Resolution: High
Layout: Desktop and Mobile Responsive
Domain: Not included
Logo: Included
Currency Converter: N/A
Legal Policies: Included
Products: No products needed
SEO: SEO optimized
Pages: 5 Custom pages
Added Features: Custom coding for design
Communication: Powerful sign up form
Dropshipping Compatible: N/A
Apps Installed: Powerful Contact Form, Mail Sync, Facebook, Flits
Product Tracking: N/A
Website Settings: User friendly
License: Owner owns full license

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Cost of service doesn’t include hosting. After taking ownership of your new site you must pay for your shopify site to be activated to continue hosting your store. You may be eligible for a Kenjuru Subscription Reduction. See here if you qualify

Refunds : Do to the nature of our products being digital, refunds are not available unless services rendered are late beyond reasonable time frame. Learn more at our refund policy

*Suppliers & Products please note for dropshipping sites, we may import products that are available from suppliers using Oberlo. After your store is delivered we are not responsible for the stock or inventory of any respective product or supplier. These are subject to change or removal at any time.

*Technical support includes any help with app support and basic store functions such as importing products and settings.
Note: Our 90 day technical support DOES NOT include theme or layout customization. Our themes can be easily customized or changed and our services rendered are done once and are all final.

* Technical support does not include management of your business and site. Store owners are responsible to run their own site including, any changes done, products changes, Site owners are responsible to run their own site including, any changes done after the site is completed.

**Please make sure to place your order with an email to complete the purchase properly. We will use this email to transfer ownership to you.

*Shopify payment gateway policies prohibit certain substances and items from being sold. Kenjuru does not take responsibility or provide payment gateway/setup for unapproved products. Site owners are responsible for their own payment gateway approvals.