Buying and claiming

Here you will find a step-by-step process in obtaining your new website from the Kenjuru Store.

Step 1

Purchase site via Kenjuru safe and secure Checkout

Step 2

An ownership verification email will be sent via our Kenjuru team to the email provided at checkout.

Step 3

This email will contain a staff login for your specific Kenjuru store. Here you will input and complete your new data (email and password you wish to use for your Kenjuru store). This will be your admin login credentials.

Step 4

Once complete, your new staff login for your store will show on our system where full ownership will be authorized and transferred over to you.

Purchase of a website produced by Kenjuru or from the Kenjuru store gives complete authority to the purchase, allowing the individual to keep the theme and all rights to the store for any duration of time – Non-expiring. Learn More>

Due to the nature of our products and services, we do not offer any free trials. This is due to the following:
- Prevent copying of data whilst on free trial
- Our service is not licensed to offer free trials due to Shopify developer restrictions
- Our system and tools do not support free trials