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Frequently asked questions.

Why work with Kenjuru?

At Kenjuru we have a fine eye for detail, taking pride in each project that comes through our door. We offer a competitive pricing advantage and a range of custom and pre-built services.

Is Kenjuru it's own platform?

No, Kenjuru is a service and product tool used for Shopify.

If I buy a pre-built site do i need to do any work?

All sites delivered are complete with any changes required are at your own request including shipping rates and prices etc.

What are all the possible additional fees?

Further additional fees come at the request of extended work that may be requested to do.

Is the Kenjuru website built using Shopify?

Yes, our Kenjuru site is built using the Shopify platform and is a prime example of what can be achieved by our skilled developers.

How can Kenjuru can reduce my Shopify subscription?

Shopify subscription via Kenjuru if eligible, to learn more click here >

Can I just get graphic design?

Yes of course, we offer a vast range of services including graphic design that can be done seperate to our packs or pre-built sites.

I cant find Kenjuru on the Shopify app store?

Thats right! Kenjuru is a service and product business meaning we are not an app nor found on the shopify app store.

Is Kenjuru free to use?

To register for Kenjuru it is completely free, the only monetary transfer from you will be at the checkout of a pre-built site or the starting of your custom website.

Do I own my website and theme if I buy a pre-built site?

Yes, once you have successfully taken ownership of your new pre-built site you own all rights to the website and theme.

I just need advice or something small fixed?

Kenjuru is more than happy to accomodate for advice or small fixes via our contact form or email.

Will Kenjuru work with other platfroms like WordPress?

Kenjuru's primarily platform is Shopify meaning no, although we do offer migration to transfer from other platforms such as Wordpress.

Can I sell my website on the Kenjuru Store?

Yes absolutely, we must first certify the site prior to being placed on the site. Kenjuru can offer a one of cost to advertise your website on Kenjuru for $89.

Does Kenjuru buy websites off people?

Kenjuru does not buy websites off people although we do offer advertisement of websites for sale.

Can Kenjuru take care of my whole business?

Kenjuru can definitely take care of your whole business, pick the best package that fits your needs.

I need help with my account?

Kenjuru offers live support and is available for support regarding any account issues you may be experiencing.

Why is Kenjuru so different to other website companies?

Kenjuru's experienced web designers have articulated a way to lower costs through the shopify platform with high quality.

Does Kenjuru offer live support?

Yes! Kenjuru offers live support via the bottom right of your page.

How do I start?

Get in contact with us today!

Is Kenjuru services affordable?

Kenjuru offers a range of custom, pre-built and planned business packages to cater for a vast range of affordable services to suit any customers needs.

What if a package doesn't cover what I need?

If a package doesn't cover what you need, Kenjuru is more than happy to accomodate for any additional services added ontop of the service with pricing to match.

Can i transfer my old website to Kenjuru?

Yes we do support the migration of one site to ours. Some packages are subject to their own terms and certain criteria

Can I upgrade my package at anytime?

Yes, you are able to upgrade at anytime with the price difference being paid between the pack you would like to upgrade to.

Do you have any discounted packages?

Not quite but Kenjuru is happy to accomodate and make price adjustments according to needs if a package may have something you don't need for your specific business.

Why are your services so cheap compared to others?

Our services at Kenjuru are priced based on our time to complete and technicality of the project which our skilled developers have got down to an efficient manner.

Do I get ongoing support after?

Yes of course, with every pre-built site is entitled to a 1 hour free custom session and you are entitled with a 90 day post service support.

How long does it take to complete the services?

Kenjuru service turnover time depends on the extent of the work required to complete, any work can take between 2-7 days but you will have an estimated time of completion once we finalise your needs.

Can Kenjuru do all my marketing?

Kenjuru doesnt offer marketing but do offer services to help with your marketing systems.

Do I get everything that's outlined in my package?

Yes you will receive everything in your package unless there are items outlined that have already been completed by you.

Can I add extra services to my package?

Yes you may add extra items to an existing package however you will be quoted and charged accordingly.