Service and Quality Guidelines

At Kenjuru, we strive to produce quality products and service for our clients, no matter how big or small the project is. However, there are some factors that may prevent us from delivering our best quality work and providing you with the utmost efficient service.

Every project is different and may require different things to complete. In order for us to do our job the best we can, we ask you to please follow the following requirements before we start to the best of your ability;

  • All content including text, typography and images ready and inside an organised, easy to read shareable folder. This ensures that when we start the project, we have all the necessary relatable content needed to complete the project and we do not waste time changing content in the future. This is the main factor to unfulfilled completion timeframes.
  • Communication is key! We strive to work in a timely manner which is why communication with us and us to you is so important. Delaying response to any of our needs and requirement regarding your project can cost a lot of time and in some cases money. 
  • We ask that if communicating by email and sending files through email, that each email is correctly subject titled. This allows us to find old emails easier by searching by subject rather than going through every email to find a file.
  • If sending documents through to us, please make sure the content is correct and up to date. Replacing text in the future will cost time and in some cases money.
  • Ensure the images you are sending are in high resolution. For best results, images need to be at least 250 pixels/per inch. Photos taken on iphone or mobile can sometimes be hard to use, especially if they are in the incorrect format.
  • Any specific requirements to need for your project for example, Color #hex codes, fonts, modeling websites, to be given to us prior to commencing work. This allows us to accurately showcase your project draft without major development changes.

We will always communicate with you regarding any timeframe or budget changes however, we are not liable for any timeframe delays or budget overloading if the above requirements are not satisfactory. We always try to work along with the client as best of our ability to complete the projects efficiently.